The Dforcible is a double door

Inward and outward opening doors / right and left handed for each = Four work setup possibilities.
Essential characteristics for the learning of techniques, specific to each type of opening.

It’s the guarantee of a better adaptation and more efficiency on the Fireground.

Lock system with wood battens

Realistically reproduces the strength and stress failure of a lock.
Modular force for each locking point: low to very high resistance, depending on the position and number of wood in each support.
Four locking point heights, for working at different heights (top / middle / bottom).

Adjustable spacing system of the frame

Allows all steps (Gap-Set-Force) of a forcible entry, with realism, and avoids any risk of deformation of the structure. 

What we remember best is what we really practice !

Flex system of the openings

“THE BEST COMBO”: Both great resistance, and flex!!!
The two doors of the Dforcible are very solid and can receive very strong locking points if desired.

The flex system allows a certain flexibility of each opening, for greater realism.

Openwork door for better control of the work and safety of participants

Being able to observe the action from different angles is a plus for students.

For the trainer, being behind the door, and being able to control both the setting of the tool and the application of the right techniques, is important. Especially for the safety of participants.

Work on metal and wood frame 

If the work is done mainly on a metal frame, a reservation in it makes it possible to place a piece of plywood in order to reproduce part of a wooden frame.
This allows the application of various techniques that can only be applied to the wood frame, such as the so-called “swing” technique.

Displacement and handling

The ease of movement of the Dforcible is a real asset and allows you to put it where you want, according to your educational objectives.


• With a pallet truck or a forklift. The door platform is designed for this.

• With the integrated moving system (see Options).


• The door can be easily disassembled into 6 parts and fit into most commercial vehicles.

• The Dforcible can also be transported assembled, in any truck tray or truck with sufficient capacity (presence of anchoring rings on the door).

Note: When purchasing, our doors are delivered assembled.

High quality finish and high resistance wear parts individually replaceable from our after-sales service

Steel strong structure and high quality epoxy paint applied by powder coating.

The places where the work is done are put to the test!
This is the reason why they are made of reinforced parts in stainless steel or very high resistance steel.
Even our wear parts are made to last !