The Dforcible has many options to adapt to the specific needs of each department.
All our options can be simply added to the door according to the evolution of these needs.


• Padlock for halligan: for breaking techniques using the halligan or other tools. Shear failure of fusible tips.
• U-type training padlock for use with the rescue saw or cutter (also supplied with the “training with the rescue saw or cutter” option on the door, and with our TOTEM)

Specific tools

Option for specific tools such as JOG or Holmatro HDR 50ST.
This type of tool works by locking itself across the frame and pushing the door to unlock it.
This option recreates the internal rabbet (hinge side) of the door, which allows you to insert the side claws of these tools.

Training with rescue saw or cutter

This option allows you to place reinforcing steel bars, at the desired height for vertical cutting work. System of indexable handle for a powerful manual tightening of the cutting elements.
Also contains a manual bender which allows you to bend the bars, then place them in a room in order to reproduce at will type U padlocks, to be cut.
For a more complete cutting training tool, please check our TOTEM.

Thru the lock

« Thru the lock » option for opening work by lock picking, drilling, breakingon european cylinders.

Use of ram

Option for the use of a ram.
On inward swinging door exclusively.
Contains a reinforcement plate and a strut for direct impact work using a ram.
The option is reversible for working on both sides.

Integrated moving system

Contains a wheel system, a crank, and a handling arm.
Invisible and not generating obstacle because placed under the platform, this system allows the door to be moved easily and very quickly (use on smooth ground).

Wood kit

The advantage of a locking system using wooden battens is that the purchasing department is independent on the consumable part.
But this kit contains enough wood battens to allow one or more training sessions as soon as the door is delivered.